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Pokemon Analysis- Wigglytuff

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1--- Pokemon Analysis- Wigglytuff on Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:19 pm

ThE HuNtEr

Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
Since Wigglytuff is the Pokemon of the week, I figure I'd do another analysis for it. I'll be doing these for every Pokemon of the week and month, so expect an analysis for Starmie as well.

Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm which enables Wigglytuff to attaract the opposite gender if it is attacked physically, also has a 30% chance of activating.

Stats: 140HP
75Sp Attk
50Sp Def

Wigglytuff evolves from Igglytuff, which evolves from Jigglypuff.

Moveset(since Wigglytuff really has no specific moveset, I'll just put the previous evolution and egg moves it has before it evolves)Level 1: Charm-Normal Power: None Accuracy: 100%
Level 13: Sweet Kiss-Normal Power: None Accuracy: 75%
Level 17: Copy Cat-Normal Power: None Accuracy: None
Level 9: Pound-Normal Power: 40 Accuracy 100%
Level 29: Body Slam-Normal Power: 85 Accuracy: 100%
Level 37: Wake-up Slap-Fight Power: 60 Accuracy: 100%
Level 41: Mimic-Normal Power: None Accuracy: None
Level 45: Hyper Voice-Normal Power: 90 Accuracy: 100%
Level 49: Double Edge-Normal Power: 120 Accuracy: 100%
Egg: Covet-Normal Power:40 Accuracy 100%
Egg: Faint Attack-Dark Power: 60 Accuracy: None
Egg: Fake Tears-Dark Power: None Accuracy: 100%
Egg: Perish Song-Normal Power: None Accuracy: None
Egg: Present-Normal Power: Varies Accuracy: 90%
Egg: Wish-Normal Power: None Accuracy: None

So I can see why Dream Leauge picked Wigglytuff for Pokemon of the week. Extremely accurate moves, powerful ones for a Normal type, basically a good all-around shooter for Pokemon. Now I will show it's stats fwhen it's level 100.

HP: Minimum of 390, Maximum of 421. Base is 140.
Attk: Minimum of 145, Maximum of 176. Base is 70
Def: Minimum of 95, Maximum of 126. Base is 45.
Sp Attk: Minimum of 155, Maximum of 186. Base is 75.
Sp Def: Minimum of 105, Maximum of 136. Base is 50.
Spd: Minimum of 95, Maximum of 126. Base is 45.

So you can see Wigglytuff's stats has increased signifacantly then when it first evolved. The only areas it could need work on is it's Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Still, an all around great Pokemon to add to your team. Wigglytuff's EV's are 252+, so if you EV train it your looking at better sats for an already great Pokemon. I hope you enjoyed this analysis of Wigglytuff.


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