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what's your team in heartgold and soulsilver?(ROM GAME ONLY)

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Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
red gyarados lv.70
chikorita(i mean from ROM no$gba) lv.50
meganium lv.75
shiny yanmega lv.65
ho-oh lv.80

thyplosion lv.67
yanmega lv.56
lugia lv.70
red gyarados lv.50
shiny furret lv.40

i'm never get any shinies except this game......amazing..... Awesomesauce!
Sheen Cherub Stare Muahahahahaaa


Crocanaw- lv 18
hoothoot- lv 11
mareep- lv 6
rattata- lv 5
ekans- lv 4


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