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Sony Vegas help? (and other help too? o3o)

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1--- Sony Vegas help? (and other help too? o3o) on Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:21 am


Hey guys ^-^ Well, I just got Sony Vegas and I need some orientation help! (I hope at least somebody has it D:) Ahem, well, I want to make an amv and the reason I even got SV is because Windows Movie Maker is about the junkiest piece of junk out there D:

I played around with some stuff and kinda figured out how to put in the effects and transitions. There's mainly just one thing I need help with. You know how WMM automatically splits videos you import into small segments? Well, SV doesn't do that automatically D: I found the thing where you can split the vid into segments, but... it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Sure that option lets you split a segment of your video, but if I wanted to pick out every single part I want our of a whole 30 minute episode that way, it would take all day. Is there some option that just lets you do it super fast with the whole video and seperates everything into whatever length segments you want? T^T Please tell me there is...

And if anybody IS experienced or has used SV before, can you tell me about some other useful stuffs please? o3o

If you're wondering what kind of amv I want to make... Itachi with the song "Blackbirds" by Linkin Park~ (this is the other help I'm hoping for~) If it's not too much to ask, can somebody tell me all the episode numbers that Itachi was in? That would be a MAJOR help o_o

Thanks guys ^-^ Hopefully I can get somewhere... *coughs*


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