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1--- THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:05 pm


Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
Hey everyone, i was playing my pearl earlier and i decided to train in the old Chateau and for the first time i noticed a man in the dinning room and goes off the screen, I never seen this before or at least i must of forgotten about it. So for fun i decided to look it up and see what thats about, i found a made up story by someone on gamespot and a theory about it on witch both were pretty cool and interesting. I think this is a pretty cool Halloween pokemon topic to discuss this week check it out guys and feel free to add anything that might be related to this story. I'll post the story first and theories afterwards.


One of my friends came up with this. Posting exactly what he wrote, feel free to discuss. ^_^

In the Chateau, three people lived. These were the owner, the owner's daughter, and their butler. The owner was a previously renowned scientist, who had been making large strides in the fields of Pokemon research. However, when his wife died (The child's mother, obviously), the scientist, without telling his child or butler, refrigerated her dead body underneath the (now glaring) statue in the main room.

Now, the scientist devoted his time to his research, which was now focusing on creating a living Pokemon from scratch. He believed that if he could do this, he could one day revive his dead wife, who he cannot live without. The butler, who had been great friends with him, became greedy and believed that he could do so much more with the scientist's money than he was. He was second in line in the will for the fortune of the scientist, after the scientist's daughter. So he decided to poison both to acquire the house himself.

However, the girl found out about his plan. She tried to warn her dad, but he was too devoted to his research to listen. She decided to hide the antidote the servant had at the last minute, in the trash can, so she could save her father later. She used the substitute so that only her copy would be poisoned.

The butler had to eat some of the Old Gateau with the other two, since he ate with them avery night. The scientist considered him a friend, more than anything. The scientist, who was on the verge of a breakthrough, took some with him into his room so he could continue working. The butler died because he could not find the antidote. When the scientist found out, he went into denial, not believing his daughter about the evil butler. He locked himself in his room for the next week, working non-stop to complete his experiments. The Butler's body was left lying in the kitchen. The police were not called. The girl tried desperately to get in, but he always shouted at her to get away. He ate nothing and drank very little.

Finally, by electrifying a blob of plasma, he finally created Rotom. Then he died. Some say it was from exhaustion, other from a heart attack or stroke. Some others even say Rotom killed him. Anyway, the girl then lost the will to live when she managed to get in the room only to find her father dead. She was found dead next to him, still clutching his shirt.

A couple weeks later, the brother of the girl's mother, Mr. Backlot came by to visit his niece. He found the three dead bodies. He had a mimic of the statue that had been made as a "memorial" to the mother (he didn't know her body was under the original). He made the trophy garden as a memorial to his niece, who loved all the Pokemon that are commonly found there. The Rotom took up residence on the T.V. and Gengars were drawn to the room with the painting, where they play tricks on visitors. The glaring statue is the mother's soul, seeking rest. The girl and the butler still show up sometimes at the mansion as ghosts. The gateau was left sitting in the lab all these years, where the poison eventually became dormant and unharmful.

Pokedox theory:
This is a topic to discuss the Old Chateau mansion in Eterna Forest.
First of all, here is all of our known information, our facts.

Human Ghosts
First of all, we know that these are ghosts because they don't walk. They're feet do not move at all. They glide wherever they go. And also, you are frozen in place whenever one of these 'ghosts' appear.

Little Girl - To see her, go upstairs in the Old Chateau and into the second room from the right. When you enter, you might see a little girl in the room on your right. She will turn around as if looking for something, then float out of the room. If you didn't see her, then exit and reenter the room until you do.

Butler - To see him, enter the dining room and you will see an old man on the other side of the table, he will float to the left and disappear. If you did not see him then exit and reenter the room until you do.

Pokemon Ghosts
Gastly are seen everywhere in the mansion. Haunter and Gengar appear occasionly if you have a GBA game inserted in your GameBoy slot. And, finally, Rotom appears after obtaining the National Dex if you watch the TV closely during night time. Basically, it is infested with ghosts.

Mysterious Occurances
The picture in the room where you see the girl has red glowind eyes in it, staring at you unless you approach to directly in front of it. When you leave the room and go to the other ones beside it, the eyes will follow your direction.

Apart from the ominous eyes, there's the statue at the entrance of the dining room that "Appears to be glaring at you." Notice that there is only one statue. Shouldn't there have been a pair? Maybe one was moved... or taken...

What characters do we know of that have been near the Old Chateau? Two main ones: The Gym Leader Gardenia and Cheryl (the one with the Chansey).

Gardenia - After you have the National Dex, go to the Old Chateau at night. Gardenia is eerily standing there. I don't remember exactly what she says but she speaks of the strangeness of the Chateau. Why was she there? She just leaves afterward. Maybe you interupted her. Maybe, she was there to see the ghost of her (possible) sister. She talks as if she's scared, definitly hiding something.

Also, she is the character you need to beat to be able to access the uses of HM01 (Cut), without which, you would not be able to access to Old Chateau. HMs in the Pokemon World are extremely rare. They are practically one of a kind. So it would be nearly impossible for anyone to have visited it.

Cheryl - For those who don't remember, Cheryl is the person who you helped (or was she helping you?) through Eterna Forest the first time through. She possesses a Chansey. This fact may play key later on. You get through the forest and she leaves you right in front of the Chateau. She was scared in the beginning of the forest but showed no fear as you seperated right in front of the Chateau. If she were scared of the Chateau she would have stayed with you until you were right out of the forest.

Mr Backlot and his Mansion
First of all, maybe Mr Backlot was the father in the mansion, most of the theories I've read revolve around this fact.

His mansion is identical on the outside to the Chateau.

Although you can see that there are two levels, there is no suggestion that there is actually a way to get up there.

He owns a statue that he lets no body touch. A statue that he only has one of. One that looks eerily familiar. Could it possibly be the statue that is missing in the Old Chateau.

In the room where he is, there is a TM87 (Swagger) that may have other importance later...

Maybe, behind the maids on both ends of the hallway is something important. It isn't reveiled in this game (people have tried to see what's behind there with the walk-through-walls cheat) but maybe in the next game we will be able to go there...

Hearthome Church
The church in Hearthome is eerie enough without music but the people in there seem to say important things. It could be related...

First a woman says: "Pokemon... People... It's only natural that we are all so very different. Make sure that you never judge a Pokemon on if it's weak or strong. You must always look for the good inside of them. That's what counts!" This could be possibly refering to how Rotom is only level 15. Maybe it was involved in the death of the girl and is why we're being told to look for the good inside them...

The old man says: "The art of crafting things fatigues one's spirit. When the spirit is healed, the desire to make something returns. It is such a wondorous cycle." This is possibly talking about Arceus and Giratina... Giratina representing death and Arceus representing life. Maybe this means that the cycle will restart itself. Not in this game but possibly in the next game after D/P, we have reason to beleive that Giratina will be on the cover and many events will be in his favor.

Next is an old woman, she says: "That people are lonely is only natural. It gives me compassion for others. It's what makes me look forward to a better tomorrow. But there are still moments of fondness for the past. Though time can heal some sadness..." Very curious, she could be the sister... (although probably not...)

Finally, look at the stained glass in the church. It looks like the top of a mountain with a ominous ray of light coming in all directions from it. What could this be? Two things: The apocalypse being caused by Giratina ('cause he's all evil!). Or Arceus creating the world a top Mt. Cornet where he still is at present time. This stained glass thing may not be related to the Old Chateau directly but I think it has some significance. In real places, stained glass has the tendancy to reveal the past.

In front of the Chateau, you can go to the right and around the side to where you find an Ether. After that, where there is a break in the fence, you can find the Insect Plate. Engraved on the back is: "The power of defeated giants infuses this plate." I have found no significance for this yet but hey, you never know.

Chateau in French is house or mansion. Gateau in French is cake. Frenchiness! I heard that the Old Chateau is based of a real mansion in France where actual events happened, can someone verify this please. Also, who in the Sinnoh region is the closest to speaking French? Fantina (apparently... I heard this on another forum, does anyone remember what Fantina says all the times that she talks to you?)! And it's such a coincidence that she uses Ghost Pokemon! And one of them is a Gengar. Maybe one that she trained from when she was at the Old Chateau! Also, she lives close to the Church in Hearthome.

Another thing. Why is the Old Chateau in the end of a forest. I mean, who would live in the middle of the road apart from the Berry Master. Especially because it looks like rich people lived there. They should be in Jubilife or Hearthome.

The ghost girl was hovering on the TM90 (Substitute).

The butler floated off in the direction of the kitchen.

Also, credit to Zaig for finding this, the butler figure was standing right in front of a key implant that was on the table. You can see it, it looks like a stain on the table. Maybe, he took the key (while he was alive) and ran to a secret basement with the entrance in the kitchen (because that's where he floated off).

There are 3 beds in the Old Chateau. One for the parents and two possibly for two sisters.

When the third installment in this region comes out we will probably get answers. I beleive that the star Pokemon will be Giratina (see the 'Third Game' thread for more details) and most (nearly all of this) will be properly explained. Giratina is supposed to be found around graveyards or something, which is why I think of the church in Hearthome. I think that has importance. He is of the Ghost type and ferries souls to the next world (I think...). Maybe the ghosts in the Old Chateau were left behind or something...

You find an Antidote in a garbage bin in the kitchen. Why would anybody throw away a cure for poison unless they were hiding it from somebody or they used some of it and threw the rest away carelessly.

Possible Theory
I heard in this forum a theory about these ghosts. Supposedly, the chef poisoned the food and killed the little girl and the old man (butler), saving himself with an Antidote found in the kitchen. Maybe the little girl was NOT killed. The TM90 (Substitute!) found at the room where the girl is can tell another girl was killed instead, maybe her sister. Also it's strange that, the Old Gateau, which cures status ailments, wasn't used. Maybe the girl is someone else in the game, she could even have grew up because no one says when this happened. She may have grown up to become Gardenia, Cheryl, or Fantina.

Shocked Embarassed
I believe the the theory was posted before platinum version

2--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:26 am


cool that was an interesting find ^^ i was very curious about that strange mansion.. thanks Very Happy nice work Smile

3--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:20 am


Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
Lol thanks Very Happy i know i was reading different sources they are interesting

4--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:28 am


Forum Mod
Forum Mod
Nice story

5--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:45 pm


Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
Awesome story.


アナタといられる それだけで

6--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:42 pm


That mansion is pretty creepy :/ They even referenced a few scary movies that have the "TV mysteriously turned on to static" in one of the rooms ;^;

They should've made the girl from the ring crawl out of it Razz

7--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:02 pm

Jenrya Miku

Team Galactic
Team Galactic
I haven't told anyone this buuuuuuut

When the ghost girl came out and it was my first time playing Diamond, I jumped up startled and tossed my DS onto the floor! @_@

OH, and I always turn the music down :S


8--- Re: THE OLD CHATEAU STORY on Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:12 am


New Member
New Member
Well, ive heard many stories about this..I have also heard the Lavender Town music in the 19's gave kids Brain Syndrome..0.0 Yikes,..anyways, the story i heard sismilar to this is that -and i mean VERY similar- Gardenina, Her sisster and father lived there. It was the older sister's b-day and the fatjer wanted to give her the gym. Gardien was mad because she wanted it. So she poisoned their food. When she realized her mistake, she tries using and antidote.(depends wat game pear platnum or diamond the gym or chateu will have it) After the antidote didnt work, she swore on her life she would take the bym and beat each train as if it would bring them back to life..Then another family (like the one you mentioned) came in to live there. It was a girl a father mom butler and i think they had a family pokemon. One day the butler was making food and their microwave broke. He went to town to get a new one, but did not have enough, and on his way back he found rotom. He snatched it up in the microwave and it worked. He hid it from the family. What he didnt realize was that the plasma caused the mom to get sick and die. The husband burried her as you described.(i mean ur friend) Then he wanted to make something to revive her non-stop and died. The little girl lived with the butler untill they died of the plasma. So, Mr.Backlot (like u said the uncle) went to visit. He found them dead and made an area for them in his Pokemon Mansion. That is why when you go to the far right or the Pokemon Mansion the lady wont let you oass. Its the families grave. After rotome realized his plasma killed them it hid away in the tv and couldnt get out. So it stayed there. Its all i could remember of what i eard, other wise the butler and girl haount the place. Also, the picture w/ the eyes is the mom and gengars are usually found in that room. Rotom is caught between 4:00am -8:00am switch ur ds time if u dont want to wait. Hope it helps to anyone with reshearch or a curiouse mind! Very Happy Laughing

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