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Loco's Nuzlocke (Soul Silver)

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1--- Loco's Nuzlocke (Soul Silver) on Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:01 pm


Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
Yeah, i saw bluey doing this, and since he started me on nuzlocke-ing i decided i would want to keep a log too. Mostly just because.

If i actually get through this game, my completion mark is beating Red. Though I consider beating Johto a 1/3 mark and Kanto a 2/3 mark.

Can only catch the first -NEW- pokemon in an area (exception of shinies)
No trading
Pokewalker can be used, but i can only catch one bunch from each area
No items outside battle (except for TM's an HM's)
Must name all pokemon

Since i already started, i have no idea how long it's been ... i'll try to remember to the best of my ability.

Day 1:

Started adventure. Chose Cyndaquil. (Male, named Cyn)
trained to level 8 before reaching Mr. Pokemon.
Received Mystery Egg
Fought ???
Police tried arresting me
Named rival "Person"
Delivered Egg
Learned how to catch a pokemon
Caught Hoothoot on Route 29(Level 2, Female. Named Hooters)
Hooters dies from Critical Hit from wild Hoothoot.
Rattata appears on Route 30, Cyn kills it.
Caught Geodude in Dark Cave (Level 3, Male. Named Rook)
Reached Violet City
Caught Zubat on Route 32 (Level 4, Male. Named Noying)
Caught Rattata in Sprout Tower. (Level 3, Female. Named Tracy)
Got pokewalker set up and sent Tracy to Noisy Forest.
Team thus far: Zubat, Geodude, Cyndaquil

Day 2:

Spent all day shaking Pokewalker in school. Got over 20,000 steps.
Returned Tracy, brought back a few items, Paras, Spearow, Wobbuffet.
Sent back Tracy to Beautiful Beach during school. Returns with items, Wooper, Staryu, and Poliwag.
Paras joins the team.
Staryu joins the team.
Paras dies from a Weedle's poison sting critical hit/poison.
Fought through Sprout Tower, received TM Flash.
Fought through gym. Received badge and TM Roost.
Taught Noying Roost.
Received egg *BOXED*
Route 32, awaaaaaay!
Fought all trainers, rested at pokemon center.
Entered Union Cave, fought 2 trainers. Decided not to catch anything.
Saved at pokecenter.
Current team:
Zubat (Noying) level 13
Geodude (Rook) level 12
Staryu (No chance to name yet) level 12
Quilava (Cyn) level 14

Day 3:


DL Badges:

2--- Re: Loco's Nuzlocke (Soul Silver) on Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:26 am


Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
Good luck! ~


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