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B&W New Updates!

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1--- B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:57 am


Frontier Brain
Frontier Brain
Pokémon Black and White HM’s revealed

The HM’s to feature in Pokémon Black and White have been leaked on Japanese image board 2ch. No new HM’s will feature in the games, in fact we have one less HM then what there previously has been in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver. HM’s available in Isshu are Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall and Dive. All of these HM’s have appeared many times over the years excluding Dive which hasn’t been a Hidden Machine since the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games on the Gameboy Advance.

Other Info:
* New Pokemon: Yabukuron. Garbage Bag Pokemon, Poison-type. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt that is coming out of bag.
* The special showcased Hiyappu, Baoppu, Yorterrie, Doryuuzu, Emonga, Tabunne, Mebujikka, Basurao. The video of them in battle will be up shortly.
* From the anime: Baoppu was shown taking on Pokabu.
* From the anime: Jyanobii was also shown in battle.
* From the anime: Futachimaru was shown in battle.
* New Pokemon: Hiyakki. Evolution of Hiyappu.
* Otamaro's stats - at Level 13 it knows Cry, Confusion, Bubble Beam, and a new attack called Troll (as in, the vocal sound of trolling.) This new attack is reflected in it's Pokedex entry: It uses its cheeks to send out a high pitch vibration sound to warn its fellows of danger.
* New Pokemon: Dageki. The Karate Pokemon. Pokedex entry: You can hear the sounds of fists smashing on rocks and trees from atop the mountains it trains on. At Level 12 it knows Rock Smash, Leer, Bide, and Focus Energy.
* New Pokemon: Fushide. A centipede Pokemon. More than likely the Bug/Poison centipede referenced by Pokexperto.
* You get a new TM called Vengeance for beating Aloe. It's TM67, replacing Recycle from Generation IV.
* New Pokemon: Hahderia. Normal-type, evolution of Yorterrie. Has a similar face to Yorterrie, but with a moustache. Face and legs are golden, body is blue.
* New Pokemon: Dokkorar. A new Fighting-type Pokemon. It's bipedal and wields a wooden plank. It evolves twice.
* New Pokemon: Otamaro. It's a Water-type tadpole which was previously revealed to us by Pokexperto. It will have two evolutions, the first reported to be a larger tadpole that is Water/Ground, and the second being a Water/Ground bull frog.
* There is a new attack called Burn Up. It's a Fire type physical attack with a base power of 50, accuracy of 90, and 20PP.
* Hiyappu's stats - at Level 10 it knows Lick, Scratch, Water Gun, and Leer. Hiyappu can also be caught in Abandoned Lot of Dreams.
* Shimama's stats - at Level 10 it knows Quick Attack, Tail Whip, and Charge.
* Koromori's stats - at Level 11 it knows Confusion, Odour Sleuth, and Gust.
* Baoppu can be caught at Level 10 in the Abandoned Lot of Dreams.
* Munna can be caught in the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. Makomo asks you to get Munna from there, but you are attacked by Team Plasma. This was shown on Pokemon Sunday last week.
* Tsutarja evolves into Jyanobii at Level 17.
* The PC only has eight Pokemon storage boxes. This is quite a low number, so it's possible that once the Elite Four have been defeated and the National Dex acquired that more will open up. Comparatively: Pokemon Yellow had 12 boxes back in 1999 for only 151 Pokemon!
* You battle Belle's starter Pokemon with your starter Pokemon. If you choose Mijumaru she has Pokabu.
* Tsutarja's stats - at Level 16 it knows Tackle, Grass Mixer, Vine Whip, and Growth.
* It's your mom!
* A shiny Yorterrie!
* The HM's in the game are Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive.
* You can see the silhouetted images of the Gym Leader's badges here.
* The game guides show that Black version has Iris as its eighth Gym Leader while White has an old man named Shaga as its eighth Gym Leader; Shaga was shown next to Iris in a commercial the other week. Be sure to see our previous post for information on all the Gym Leaders. There are a total of 11 Gym Leaders in eight Gyms.

*Note* I'll be back with pics but you can check them out here and here by clicking on the links/coloured words

Early shipment! Fifth generation begins with a roar!
Pokémon Black and White preorders released early, players share information
Players who preordered the games Pokémon Black and White have received the games' copies and started revealing information on Japanese forums. As such, bunch of information are currently being revealed.

Check it out!_Fifth_generation_begins_with_a_roar!

info sourced form serebii, pokemonaus and bulbanews

Go here for pictures by clicking on the linked words and coloured/bold words

* A video showing a few trainer battle encounters. There is a menu on the bottom screen during standard play, but the video recording barely shows it.
* VS Yakon, the fifth Gym Leader. His gym uses an elevator platform puzzle.
* Pokerus returns in Black and White.
* Charmander!
* After fighting the Elite 4 rematches, a new Champion named Adeku challenges you. His team consists of: Agirudaa, Buffalon, Kurimugan, Baibanira, Shubarugo, and Urugamosu. All of his team are at Level 75, with exception of Urugamosu who is Level 77.
* VS Kamitsure, the fourth Gym leader. You can hear the Gym battle music quite clearly in this video. When you take on the final Pokemon, the music suddenly shifts into a faster paced battle orchestra.
* Futachimaru evolves into Daikenki!
* A YouTube video of Hiun City!
* After a certain point you'll be able to store up to 720 Pokemon in your PC (24 boxes), meaning the eight boxes are only temporary. Presumably they're unlocked after you get the National Dex.
* Reshiram, Zekrom, and N!
* The Ferris wheel!
* Investigator Looker from Platinum appears in Isshu!
* Elite 4 Rematch Teams: Shikimi - Level 71 Desukan, Burunkeru, Goruggo, Froslass, and Level 73 Shanderaa; Giima - Level 71 Sharpedo, Warubiaru, Zuruzukin, Drapion, Lepardasu, and Level 73 Kirikizan; Katorea - Level 71 Musharna, Rankurusu, Shinporah, Bronzong, Gochiruzeru, and Level 73 Metagross; Renbu - Level 71 Breloom, Kojondo, Dageki, Nageki, Toxicroak, and Level 73 Roopushin
* If you purchase one of the TCG "Journey Partner" promo collections, you'll get a code inside that will allow you to download either Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. Like the Kanto Starters, they have different abilities than normal.
* TMs in the game - TM02: Dragon Claw, TM03: Psycho Shock, TM05: Roar, TM09: Venom Shock, TM10: Hidden Power, TM13: Ice Beam, TM15: Hyper Beam, TM17: Protect, TM22: Solar Beam, TM28: Dig, TM29: Psychic, TM30: Shadow Ball, TM31: Brick Break, TM36: Sludge Bomb, TM39: Rock Tomb, TM41: Torment, TM42: Facade, TM43: Nitro Charge, TM44: Rest, TM45: Attract, TM46: Thief, TM53: Energy Ball, TM54: False Swipe, TM55: Boiling Water, TM56: Fling, TM57: Charge Beam, TM58: Free Fall, TM61: Will-O'-Wisp, TM62: Acrobat, TM66: Payback, TM67: Get Even, TM68: Giga Impact, TM70: Flash, TM72: Volt Change, TM76: Bug Resistance, TM78: Smooth Over, TM79: Ice Breath, TM80: Rock Throw, TM81: X-Scissor, TM82: Dragon Tail, TM83: Cheer Up, TM84: Poison Jab, TM86: Grass Knot, TM89: U-Turn, TM91: Flash Cannon, TM93: Wild Bolt, TM94: Rock Smash
* N tells you, "If you want to protect the [emotional] bond, you should search for Reshiram!"
* We're pretty sure now that Elite Four member Katorea is the same Katorea (or Caitlin in English versions) that accompanies Frontier Brain Darach, especially since Cynthia is in the game now.
* Scary Zekrom!
* Here's another pic of the badges and here's one of the map.
* There is a new area called the Seabed Ruins which feature a unique rune scripture. You access it by using Dive. The writing on the walls is weird symbols.
* Cynthia's Team - Spiritomb, Milotic, Garchomp, Lucario, Wargle, and Shibirudon. All are at Level 75 except for Garchomp, who is Level 77. She comes in the spring and summer only, but you can battle her as much as you like. So much for no old characters in the games - it appears that even one of the Elite Four is a Battle Frontier Brain.
* Champion Cynthia is in Isshu. She is asking the player: "I'd love to challenge you... would you possibly be my opponent?"
* You can get a Bicycle in Raimon City.
* Professor Araragi gives you a Master Ball.
* Your Trainer card lists your own Nature! Perhaps it has an in-game purpose?
* Depending on the version you have, you can trade your Churine or Monmen for an in-game character's Monmen or Churine. So much for being version-exclusive!
* After you beat the Elite Four you can find Pidgey, Wurmple, Rhyhorn, Gastly, Starly, and Shinx in White Forest at Level 5.
* The fossils of Purotoga and Aken are found in Rizoodo Desert which you can access after you defeat the third Gym Leader. Once you obtain your fossil, you can bring it back to life in Shippou City.
* A video of the first Gym Battle. Recorded from the live stream that was on NicoNico.
* A video of the opening has appeared on YouTube. It shows N being crowned by Geechisu, and the sages which you have to find as a post Elite Four quest. This is followed by a montage of in-game shots with the words 'Hope', 'Dream', and 'Discovery'. It ends by saying 'Adventure Awaits for you and your Pokemon'. Much like the previous games, the title screen features a full 3D render of the mascot Pokemon.
* Zekrom's Stats - It's caught at Level 50 and knows DragonBreath, Slash, Extrasensory, and Cross Thunder. Ability is TeraVoltage.
* After the Elite Four you go on a quest to find seven sages. No further details yet as to why you go on this quest.
* Reshiram's Stats - It's caught at Level 50 and knows DragonBreath, Slash, Extrasensory, and Cross Flame. Ability is Turbo Blaze.
* Reshiram and Zekrom appear!
* The Champion is reported to be Belle. She uses a team consisting of Muurando (Lv.66), Yanakkii (Lv.66), Musharna (Lv.66), and Enbuoo/Jaroda/Daikenki (Lv.70). The last Pokemon, obviously, depends on your choice of starter.
* The final member of the Elite Four is: Renbu. He specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon and is reported to use a Nageki (Lv.48), Dageki (Lv.48), Roopushin (Lv.48), and Kojondo (Lv.50).
* The third member of the Elite Four is: Katorea. She specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon and is reported to use a Rankurusu (Lv.48), Musharna (Lv.48), Shinborah (Lv.48), and Gochiruzeru (Lv.50). It's interesting to note that she shares both her name and her appearance with Caitlin (also called Katorea in Japan) from the Sinnoh Frontier Brains. They might be the same person, but this is unconfirmed.
* The second member of the Elite Four is: Giima. He specializes in Dark-type Pokemon and is reported to use a Zuruzukin (Lv.48), Warubiaru (Lv.48), Reparudasu (Lv.48), and Kirikizan (Lv.50).
* The first member of the Elite Four is: Shikimi. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokemon and is reported to use a Desukan (Lv.48), Burunkeru (Lv.48), Goruggo (Lv.48), and Shanderaa (Lv.50).

info sourced from pokebeach

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2--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:04 am


Forum Mod
Forum Mod
awesome can't wait to get mine, and THANK GOD I DON'T HAVE TO USE ROCK SMASH ANYMORE, god i hate that hm

3--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:04 am


Pokémon Professor
Pokémon Professor
@5P33D5 wrote:*It's your mom!

Anyways, It sounds so cool! Can't wait


4--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:23 am


New Member
New Member
This is so exciting! This is going to be the first game that I'm not going to know all the pokemon before I get the diamond a clicked through the whole sinnoh dex. Sad

Can't wait when it comes out in US.


Gotta learn Japanese! :3

5--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:52 pm


Mystic Trainer
Mystic Trainer
can't wait to get my Japanese version lol

6--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:58 pm


Pokémon Hero
Pokémon Hero
What's that? A highly anticipated game got released a few days early? I'm sorry, but if you weren't expecting this, then............. I don't even know what to say.

And only 6 HM's? Huh.

It's really annoying being the only real gamer in my entire grade.

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7--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:03 pm

Nellie Lovett

Team Rocket
Team Rocket
Hells yeah, Dive is an HM again. 8D


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8--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:33 pm


Forum Mod
Forum Mod
@5P33D5 wrote:*It's your mom!
WTH O.O/quote]
on the site it has a picture of your mom pop up when you click on "It's your mom!"

9--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:40 am


Team Rocket
Team Rocket
Ahh. I'm so envious of those Japanese folks.
I would buy a Japanese version, but I prefer to be able to read my games.

2011, hurry up and get here!


10--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:29 am


New Member
New Member
I'm trying to learn japanese. Very Happy But I doubt I'm going to get a japanese copy. Hurry up and come out in US B/W!

And dive is an hm? Sweet!


Gotta learn Japanese! :3

11--- Re: B&W New Updates! on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:45 am


@Nellie Lovett wrote:Hells yeah, Dive is an HM again. 8D

WOOOOT!!! <3


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