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Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate)

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1--- Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:34 pm


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Nightmare's Resistance

I guess I'll post my main team. This is the OU team that I use the most, and the one that I trust the most.

Prankster @Life Orb
Inner Focus
Nature: Naive
84 Att, 172 Sp. Att, 252 Spd
~Heat Wave
~Hidden Power Grass
~Brave Bird
~Super Fang

Super Fang may not get the Life Orb bonus, but it has helped take down plenty of leads like Aerodactyl. I've been thinking of using U-Turn instead of Super Fang.

Nightmare @Petaya Berry
Nature: Timid
4 HP, 252 Sp Att, 252 Spd
~Shadow Ball
~Pain Split

This guy is, as his name suggests, a nightmare. I almost always out speed enemies and get the Hypnosis in. Pain Split helps him get his opponent's HP down because I know he has pretty much the HP of any OU pokemon.

Marsha @Leftovers
Nature: Impish
156 HP, 252 Att, 100 Def

Regular CursePert. Takes hit pretty well.

Champlain @Leftovers
No Guard
Nature: Adamant
252 HP, 252 Att, 4 Spd
~Stone Edge

Basic set. Might change the item to Lum Berry though. Sub doesn't come in handy as often anymore.

Helios @Salac Berry
Flash Fire
Nature: Timid
56 HP, 252 Sp Att, 200 Spd
~Earth Power
~Hidden Power Grass

This guy, I love him. I use Flamethrower over Fire Blast because of accuracy, and I think Flamethrower is fine because of STAB. Explosion is used to take out something that I know could easily sweep my team if I let it.

Linea @Leftovers
Natural Cure
Nature: Bold
252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp Def
~Seismic Toss
~Thunder Wave

This Blissey has taken a +2 Waterfall from a Gyarados when she was at full HP. She actually swept a noob to PO, but then again, the person was a noob. I like this set better than Wish set because Blissey can't really get a Wish in and then be able to switch.

Thanks for rating. ^-^

2--- Re: Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:20 pm


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Forum Mod
its a good team, not many major weaknesses except for the right kind of gallade can completely sweep your team, they just have to wait until crobat is out of the picture

3--- Re: Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:48 pm


Pokémon Master
Pokémon Master
Just wondering, why do you have Hidden Power Grass on Crobat? The move only deals 62.8% - 74.8% on Swampert, and even if you use Super Fang, you have 50% chance of Swampert either using Ice Beam or Stealth Rocks, mostly going towards Ice Beam since the player might predict a Taunt on your Crobat. Also, after using Super Fang and leaving Swampert with 56% of its health (with Leftovers recovery), the enemy player might predict a Brave Bird and switch to a Steel-type, most likely Heatran, which resists the Hidden Power Grass and Brave Bird and absorbs Heat Wave. When you switch, it'll either be Scarfed and hit something hard or set up with Substitute. I recommend using Hidden Power Ground for Fire-types, Steel-types, Rock-types, and Electric-types that aren't Jolteon or U-Turn to scout since you don't have a scouter.

Gengar's pretty okay. I suggest Substitute over Hypnosis since Hypnosis has that nasty 65% accuracy and Substitute will block Thunder Waves from Blissey and you can easily Pain Split it to regain your HP (or in your case, all the HP).

I like Rest on my Swampert, but that's just me. It fits well in the team since half of them resist Grass.

If you don't like Substitute on your Machamp, you could switch it for Bullet Punch. It might work better for you.

Heatran and Blissey looks good. That Blissey set looks familiar. Wish set might be better for you, though. Razz

Overall, your team looks good. The team covers its weakness very well, but it lacks power a bit. Spikes and Stealth Rocks will screw you up since you're going to be constantly switching to resist each attack. Also, Lucario can beat you down if it has Swords Dance set up. Once one Pokemon goes down, however, the whole team seems like it'll cripple, which is why Wish might be better for Blissey to restore HP to Heatran who doesn't have leftovers and Crobat who takes 25% from Stealth Rocks. If I had to rate it, it'd be a 3/5.


4--- Re: Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:50 pm


Looks pretty good. I just get tired of fighting blisseys :/ Maybe I can battle you sometime.

5--- Re: Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:50 pm


Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
@Clover wrote:Looks pretty good. I just get tired of fighting blisseys :/ Maybe I can battle you sometime.

Clover took the words right out of my.. Fingers.


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6--- Re: Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:35 am


@Jojo-Kunn wrote:
@Clover wrote:Looks pretty good. I just get tired of fighting blisseys :/ Maybe I can battle you sometime.

Clover took the words right out of my.. Fingers.

I mean don't get me wrong or anything o3o she's fluffy round and pink so I like her aesthetically.......just not in battles Laughing

7--- Re: Nightmare's Resistance (Team Rate) on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:57 pm


Expert Trainer
Expert Trainer
Well, for starters, half of your team is taken out by a MixApe with Grass Knot. (Blissey,Swampert,Heatran)


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