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Pokemon Platinum~ Ultimate guide: Part 1

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1--- Pokemon Platinum~ Ultimate guide: Part 1 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:20 am


Pokemon PLatinum walk through!

Part 1~

Twinleaf town!

Twinleaf town is placed in the most southern part of the sinnoh region near the ocean. There's always a fresh scent in the air, making it a great place to start an adventure. This is the starting city for diamond, pearl and platinum. It features four houses, a few flower beds and a small pond. The odd keystone is hidden at the southern most point in the town if the player is able to surf to it.

You will begin in your bed room, after watching an interview with professor rowen on television. After four years he has returned to sinnoh from the kanto region. Your rival ( Barry) will burst into your room, asking you to assist him on getting a pokemon. He will then rush back town stairs, now do the same. Your mother will be waiting for you with Barry already gone, reminding you that he is looking for you. Now, head outside to the house at the top left corner of the town and go inside, then upstairs to your rivals room where he will speak to you once more then leave. Follow him back outside and head north out of twin leaf town, it's time to choose your starter pokemon.

After attempting to run into tall grass, professor rowen will appear along with dawn with the briefcase. After a short cut scene, Professor rowen will allow you to pick your first pokemon. Barry wants you to go first. This is the perfect time to save, so you can make sure you get the nature you want for your pokemon. ( If you care for that sort of thing)

Here is a list of natures that would work with the starter pokemon:

Piplup: Modest, timid. Although piplup has better Sp. Attack, an adament nature ( attack) wouldnt be all bad, you could just teach it physical moves. If you want a more defensive penguin, bold would be your best choice.

Turtwig: An adament, jolly or Impish nature. It's best stats are attack in defense. While an Sp. attack nature can work for in game, it's not reccomended.

Chimchar: Fortunatly there's alot you can do with chimchar, when it evolves into infernape it will be good in both attacks and speed, so it's best to choose what you want now. If you'd like it to be physical, adament or jolly would be best. If you'd perfer special, modest or timid. If you want a little both, you could make it a mixed sweeper, giving it a speed nature like hasty or naive that doesnt even ether attack stat.

Rival Battle 1!

If you choose piplup, your rival will have turtwig.
If you choose turtwig your rival will have chimchar
If you choose chimchar your rival will have piplup

If you choose piplup, your in for a bit of a stall war. Barry will start out by using withdraw until Turtwig's defense it as it's max, then begin to attack. You can always lower his attack, but that would only allow the battle to last longer then you probably want it to. Just keep attacking. While he's busy raising his defense, your lowering his HP. When he's finished he will attack, but have hopes that you've lowered his HP enough before it comes down to that. If you choose turtwig your at ease, Barry will begin by scratching, you have a choice to attack back or raise your defense. While it is good to raise your defense, he can lower your attack. Just as the last battle it's recommended that you just keep attacking. Same with Chimchar. It's alright if you win or loose, the story will still move on. If you win, your starter pokemon will move up a level and you will return back home where your mother will ask you to thank professor rowen for the pokemon he had given you.

Head back outside and exit the town again where Barry will be waiting for you, telling you about a legendary pokemon thats said to live nearby. He will join your party.

Conintue all the way to the left, then go up and you should see the entrance to the lake. Upon arriving, Cryus-leader of the evil team galactic- will be standing at the edge of the lake. After a small cutscene he will pass you and leave the lake.
Afterwards, you will hear the sound of the legendary pokemon, making your rival more eager to catch it, only to realize you guys dont have any pokeballs. He will then challenge you to a race to professor's towens lab, where you guys can get some. He will then vanish.

Because of the colder climate, snow patches can be found along route 201.
Here is what pokemon you'll run into:

[center]bidoof and starly, can all be found at level's 2-4.

Level up four starter pokemon, and continue right until you reach sandgem, but wait! You see that large patch of gradd on the right of the map? in the patch grass is a man who works for the pokemark, he will give you a free potion. Be sure to hang on to it. Continue to your left and youll be at sandgem town in no time.

It's recomended that your starter pokemon at least be on level 7 now.

Professor rown's lab is the building on the top left, upon arriving sandgem, Dawn will be waiting for you and will take you inside to professor rowen. He will explain that he wants you to record the pokemon for him, and give you a pokedex and allow you to keep your starter pokemon. You wil be given the option to name your pokemon, how ever it will not effect the game play or the story.

When you return outside, professor rowen will follow close behind and give you your first TM. Which is TM 27. Dawn will show you around to the pokemon center - where you may heal all your pokemon for free- and the pokemart - where you can buy items to use on your jounry- How ever, because your a rookie trainer not many items will be avaliable for you, but try not to let it bother you. After she is done showing you around, Dawn will suggest that you go tell your mom about the task professor rowen has asked you to complete. Return back to twinleaf town and go inside your home.

Your mother will be suprising supportive of this jounry, and will allow you to go after healing your pokemon. Barry's mother will burst through the front door, exlaining that Barry had left her to go on his jounry without saying good bye ( wow what a jerk) She will give you a parcel to give to him, then be gone.
Head outside and go back to route 201, sandgem town, then exit the town at the north. Dawn will be waiting for you in a patch of grass to teach you how to catch your first pokemon.

Lower the pokemon's HP with an attack move, then throw a pokeball. Moves like hypnosis, thunder wave will help as well, making them easier to catch. Afterwards, dawn will give you five pokeballs and leave. Now it's time to catch your second and 3rd pokemon, and level up.

Unlike route 201, shinx can be find here, it's evolution luxray beind a fine edition to any team.

Just like route 201, starly and bidoof can be found here as well.

The first trainer you will encounter on this route, has a bidoof at level five. Here is a tip, if you knocked out a pokemon owned by a trainer, you will get more expierence points then you would battling a wild pokemon. so be sure to battle the trainers on this route with pokemon you'd like to train.
Your next stop is jubilife city, where much more is waiting for you.

It's reccomended that your pokemon be around level 8-10 before continueing.

Upon entering jubilife city, dawn will be waiting for you. A new character, looker will arrive telling you that he is with the international police force, then take off. Dawn will leave as well, telling you to go to the trainer school.
It's a great place to learn new information if your new to the pokemon world.

The trainer school is just to the left of your position, go inside and you should see Barry by the black board, walk up to him and give him the parcel, in return he will give you a town map. There are also two trainers here you can battle for a TM. It's recommended that you do for the expierence points.

One has a bidoof at level 6, while the other has a starly at level 6. When you defeat them, they will give you TM hidden power. Leave the school and head back outside, it's time to get the poketch. The president of the company will be waiting for you, telling you of a campiegn going on throughout the city. Find 3 clowns and the device is yours.

Here is where you may find the clowns:

Answer yes to all of their questions.

1: On the jubilife map, this clown is located on nubber 4.
2: On the jubilife map, this clown is located on number 15.
3: Head left, and the last clown is near the number 7 and 8 marks.

Once you've gotten all 3, head back to the company resident and retrieve your poketch. Right now, it isnt loaded with alot of apps, but more may be obtained as your adventure continues. Level up your pokemon some more, then head right to the number 6 mark and keep going.

Your rival is waiting for you.


It's under construction, If I have made any typos you may point this out.

I hope you guys who are new to pokemon find it informative.

2--- Re: Pokemon Platinum~ Ultimate guide: Part 1 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:00 pm


Good start! double check your coding though (in your other guides too)

I see a stray center tag o3o!

3--- Re: Pokemon Platinum~ Ultimate guide: Part 1 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:36 pm


I know >.< Gatta fix those, it was really early when id id that ^.^

4--- Re: Pokemon Platinum~ Ultimate guide: Part 1 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:46 pm


No problem :3 I mess up on those too on occasion. If you need help let me know! Otherwise they are all looking great.

5--- Re: Pokemon Platinum~ Ultimate guide: Part 1 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:36 pm


Please forgive me for not updating the guide yet. Im going to work on it alot more as soon as i get home saturday
hopefully i can have it all done by the end of the month, prolly lot sooner

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