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My dreams *2 new in one day* (23 dreams total)

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Uber Trainer
Uber Trainer
So i will be copy/pasting this from my dream journal. Yes i dreamed these. some people dont believe that i have.

Pokefreak will be making a topic like this, too.

some of my journal entries i put on another forum before this, so they might say weird stuff like "If you dont know what a wingull is, there will be a picture at the end"

Oh, and some are pretty graphic, like dream 3 when i'm zombie. read with caution.

without further stalling, let the dreams start:

1. it started out in a city. i was traveling door to door as a pokemon trainer, and each door lead to a gym battle. all i had to do was challenge them and they gave me a badge for no reason. so then i find a door to a card shop, iin which i got yugioh cards for free. suddenly i was in gym class. we were learning about tornadoes .... the teacher, who was my gym teacher from last year said "What's a better way to learn about tornadoes than seeing them?" so the whole class hopped into a small green-camo minivan, it which it transformed into a jet and we flew off. we flew into a city with at least 8 tornadoes. we flew right into one. some kids somehow got on the roof of the jet and were jumping up and down ... but a plane flew by and chopped one of them with the engine things on the side. so they gathered all the pieces into a box and started running around with it. one guy tossed it to another guy, who did a flip off a cliff inside the jet, landed face first, and the box crushed the upper half of his body. suddenly the crushed guy turned into Patrick from spongebob, who was ok except for the gaping hole in his chest. so spongebob and some fish nurse shows up ... the nurse says the bleeding can be stopped if a sponge was put on it. spongebob takes out a suitcase and pulls out a mini-cleaning sponge. they throw it away, then patrick takes out a back scrubber and bathes himself with his blood while laughing hysterically. so a pumping heart comes out of nowhere. the nurse says, singsongy "Oh, no problem, your heart just fell out ... and your spine ... and your arms ... and your legs ..." then i woke up.

2. so, my dream starts out with me showering with my clothes on. I walk out the bathroom completly dry to find out i'm in my friend's house. I wont give names, but i'll call her Sammie. Anyway, Sammie's dad was sitting in a chair, nd he gave me a key. He told me to give the key to Sammie.

So i walk out of the house, wondering why i was there in the first place. I walk a block and then arrive at the grand canyon. It wan't a full size thing, the width was about if i put my arms out horizontally and the height was about if someone was standing on my shoulders.

Suddenly i was in the army, and this guy told me to go lure a samurai out of the grand canyon. i walk in, not knowing what to expect. after a few seconds of walking, i run into the samurai. he's as fat as the canyon, and as tall as it, too. the samurai was so fat, the only way he could move was the waddle.

walking slighty faster than him, he chases me. he sends a monster from the yu-gi-oh card game called the Strike Ninja after me. i start running at fullspeed, but the ninja slashes me in the back. my dream is in third-person around this time, and i saw no damage was done, but i could feel the slash.

I make it out, but so does the fat samurai. there's a huge target on the ground that wasn't there before. both me and the samurai step on, and on of the army people pull a lever that wasn't there before either. the ground beneath us drops, and we land in a hole.

this hole had some form of way for me to get out. the side had 3 large steps for me to use to climb out. on my way up, the ninja slashes my back again, this time not feeling it, but me in the dream reacted to it.

when i make it out, a guy says "Well, that's war for ya'" and then walks off. i walk to the park after the incident at the canyon, and see a black cat. i say "I know who that is." everyone walks out of the park, then the cat transforms into my friend, Sammie.

we say hi to each other, then i give her the key. we try walking out when we were stopped by 3 police officers. the screen (as i like to call it, you know what i mean) had turned into an rpg game view. the police officers blocking the exit all had their arms stretched out, as if expecting a hug, and smiling.

The officers send out the pokemon, Wingull (picture of it later, for those non-pokemon fans). text appears at the bottom of my dream saying
"Sammie watched the Wingull
Sammie gained athletic ablities
Sammie gained army suit"

So she was instantly in the army with me. we walk back to the grand canyon area, but it isn't the Grand Canyon anymore. Now it's a pain flat square gray battle field with an ocean right next to it. the battlefield was full of battle between the army and aliens teamed up with wizards. The battlefield was the description above, but it had giant textbooks in the middle, stacked up, and a magnefying glass in the middle of the stack. the back of the field had another stack of textbooks, but the lead alien UFO at the top of it.

Back from describing the field now .... i run out, trying to get to the lead UFO, completly ignoring the wizards and UFOs. the UFOs shot lasers through the magnefying glass, intensifying the blast. the wizards summoned meteors. The army side was getting annihilated.

back to me running out, i got hit by every laser and meteor. i still contiued and reached the back, where i climbed up the textbooks and jumped onto the lead UFO. the UFOs are the stereotype kind, a silver disc with a bubble-thing on the top. i rip off the bubble thing and jump in.

inside the UFO, it's totally dark. then i yell out "Lets see how you like it when everything is turned ... ON!" i suddenly have the key i gave to Sammie and push it in a slot in he UFO, which turned the UFO on. the lights came on, revealing that the aliens are giant lobsters. the UFO blows up from me turning i on (which is strange, seeing how it was floating and shooting lasers ...)

i land safly on the ground, and another UFO shows up to take its place. this time it's folded like a piece of paper. Sammie offers to blow it up this time, so i hand her the key ... again ... and she goes up to blow the UFO up.

i dont remember how, but i ended up in the ocean right next to the battlefield, using a car's hubcap as a boat. i watched the UFO blow up and Sammie land in the hubcap. we floated down a river of macaroni and cheese while angry lunch ladies stared. everyone busted out in a sad musical, in which i dont remember what i was about, or the lyrics. i just remember it hurting my feelings, with a 2 headed girl finishing it. then i woke up.

3. So, my dream starts off at my house in Alabama. I had this dream sometime after i moved. It wasn't he house i lived in back then, but it was the same location. My parents had decided to go to a party, leaving me in the house alone. i decide want to go to the museum. i hop on my school bus that just happened to be passing by. My friend, who i shall not be giving names so i'll call her Sammie, was on the bus. We talk for a bit before the school bus stops at the museum, where i get off. i walk in, but no one else is in there except a male kid, who was staring at me. I start looking at the exhibits, but then the kid lets out a horrible screech.

While screeching, the kid throws the exhibits in front of the door, blocking my way out. Luckily for me, all he threw was paintings, so i dug my way out and made it back outside. Except something was wrong ... the sky was red, there were no people, no cars, and no trees. Suddenly something impales the back of my head and i die. (It's not over)

I wake up as a zombie. the other zombies had set up a campfire to camp out for the night. we aren't the generic "BRAAAAIIINNSSSSS!" zombie. we could think freely and move about as we wished just as easily as we could as a human. we still needed sleep and normal food. We looked like Swampfire from the Ben 10 Alien Force cartoon (picture later). after awhile, we moved out to kill more people. In addition to being Zombies, we had powers. we could shoot spikes from our hand and turn our arms into vines.

after killing, we camped out again. i asked the leader of the zombie group why we killed, and he said ... "The world is getting colder by the second. it'll get so cold, humans will be unable to survive. With this virus, we can survive the cold." so we headed out again. i cant remember everyone i killed or how, except 1 person, who i shoved vines down his throat and forced them through his chest.

We camped out again by a cliff. the cliff was by the ocean. i saw a brick wall with fishing poles sticking through. i decided to fish to feed the group. after 5 seconds of catching nothing, i looked behind the wall, only to figure out that i was fishing from a pool with tiny fish in it. i went back to the group and found my other friend, who i'll call him by his internet name Riprogo. He was telling me about how you can turn human again if you concentrate really hard, but it only lasts for 5 seconds. i tried and it worked.

at this point in the dream, i had a desicion. i could either stay and finish killing everyone, or go to the other side of the world in a motor boat and start there. me and a few other people decided to go, as well as the second in command. the leader said the boat wouldn't run without weight on the back, so he took a rope, took the second in command, and shoved the rope through her mouth and out the other side, tied a knot, then tied it to the back of the boat. when we reached the other side of the world, i untied the second in command. she thanked me and we continued our slaughter.

everything is a little hazy from here on, but i remember all the new zombies we made combining to make one giant zombie, that i controlled. then i woke up.

SOMETIME in the dream, i remember a reporter telling everyone to be killed. after the report, still on air, one of the zombies took their vines, wrapped it around the reporter's neck, and pulled, taking the neck, but leaving the head and body behind.

4. This dream starts off with me and some random girl. We’re walking to school with our pokemon. My pokemon is a charmander with charizard wings. The girl’s pokemon was a tiny torchic, which she kept in an empty beer bottle with the head sticking out. We make it to a hill, where a hariyama with a pirate sword was waiting. It rolled down the hill and grabbed my charmander, sliced the beer bottle in half to take the torchic, then ran off. On the way to school, I kick some trash cans out of anger. They have zero gravity for some reason and fly off. We enter the school, in which everything turns cartoony. The cookie crisp wolf jumps out of nowhere and I run off with a cereal box. The wolf starts saying “They look like cockroaches, taste like them too, but it’s a BREAKFAST CEREAL! I’m hungry for cOOOOOOOOOOOOCKROACH-o’s” so I trip, and the box opens sending roaches scattering everywhere. I put them back in the box, keep running, then I wake up.

5. So in my dream, I head to an amusement park … not much amusement, all it had was a swingset, a long bridge, and a cannon. I start swinging when I fall off and hit the ground. But I bounce way high in the air, higher than the height I fell from, and landed on the chickenwire fence surrounding the park. So I decide to go across the bridge, but I think that’ll take up too much time and decide to take the cannon instead … not a good idea. I fly straight across the bridge, then I land in a puddle, roll around for a bit, then bounce again. I land on the ground, bounce, then almost landed face first, because I woke up.

6. One dream, my mom was about to punch me for no reason. It started with her swinging back her fist with an angry look, shot her fist forward, then I woke up before impact.

7. Back when I was …. 6 … I had a dream where the bat from Anastasia (I think there was a white bat in that movie) had visited my house. It kept saying “BLAH BLAH BL-BLAH BL-BL-BLAH.” So I’d ask him “what?” after 2 of those, my mom picked me up and put me in a highchair and gave me some animal crackers. My dream never showed her face, though. So I kept saying what after his blahs, talking with a mouthful of cookies. Mom got me out of the high chair, and I walked into the storage room we had. It was totally dark except for one light that shone on a refrigerator right in the middle of the room. I opened it up, and a marching band came out. I watched them parade around my house on top of a floating disc which rotated. Then I woke up.

8. I had a dream where I lived back in Alabama. My family was going to a field day thing, and I heard there was a paper creation race. I made a plane thing, but it came alive. It moved like a hamster, felt like a hamster, and licked my hand like a hamster. I put it on my bed to go look for something, turned around, and it wasn’t there. I started looking for it and found it under my bed. It had killed itself by unfolding itself. I woke up in my dream and checked the clock, 1:35. I go back to sleep in my dream and have a dream in my dream. In my dream dream, I’m in some dancing class in gym, performing for a basketball game. I didn’t know any of the routine so I tried to mimic the others and failed horribly. Suddenly meteors fell on the school. 2 creatures came from one meteor: a space lizard and a space turtle, both tiny. I capture them with French fry cases and bring them home. I went to search for someone who knows anything about them, and my neighbor did. He came over, and instead of telling me anything about them, we decided to build a house inside the house. Then I woke up for real.

9. The same day I had ^ that one, I had another. The family was going to Disney world. I packed clothes and the laptop, then we headed out. We drove 5 seconds down the road to get on a ship, which would take us to a jet, which would take us to Disney world. As soon as we get on the boat, I wake up.

10. i went on a school field trip to a Fakemon Factory. when we got there, there were 3 tables with boxes, each containing those Pokemon figurines. someone who was waiting for us told us to pick 5 fakemon figurines. when i went through the boxes, i found out that none of it was Fakemon, it was already existing pokemon. so i picked a sandslash, 3 other random figurines, and then the only thing Fakemon related: Pokemon White Version which was a hack GBA game. so then we enter the factory, the whole class disappears and i end up in an empty Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese except that none of the games were ever in the place and it was a donut shaped building. so after running 3 laps trying to find the exit, i found my mom and sister waiting for me by a door. when we go through the door, i end up on this gameshow with my sister. the game show took place on a farm where you wallow through mud, and you try and find prizes within the mud, all Nintendo related. a countdown started, right when it was time to jump in the mud, i woke up.

11. Next dream: I was at school, outside where the buses were. I was trying to find my bus. I looked through the last half of the line of buses, then realized my bus was around the first half. I turn around, and all the buses start driving away. I start screaming “NOOOOOO!” with my hand stretched out in slow motion, then I woke up in my dream. I had fallen asleep at my sink. I was getting prepared to brush my teeth, then for some reason made a strange face. After, the reflection in the bathroom mirror did not change, my face looked the same as when I made the weird face, even though I had stopped making it. I started freaking out and called my mom in to show her, and she started freaking out too. In my mind, I was starting to think this might have been the work of being possessed and decided to be Christian. Somehow I teleported again in middle of this freak out, to church. It wasn’t my church, it wasn’t any church I’ve seen before. It was dark with huge orange windows. My family was there … no one else. There was projector shooting lyrics to the song being sung by my family, who were wearing tuxedos, including me. And for some reason mom was holding another baby I had never seen before. The song had something to do with fire, I think it was about letting fire burn and being set on fire or something. After about 3 lines of that, I had teleported back to my bathroom. I was sitting on the floor, and my weird face reflection was staring at me.

12. I had a dream that because of the snow days we’ve been experiencing, me and my family went to see a cousin in Louisiana. Instead, we went to a museum. The museum had no exhibits but was packed with people. I was thinking “This is boring,” then took out my DS to play pokemon. I walked up some stars in the museum then saw my sister. I was thinking “Uh-oh, better hide my DS,” then put it on the ground in plain sight and walked off.

13. My most normal of dreams I will probably ever have. I woke up on the couch to find 3 guys video recording themselves playing a game on the TV downstairs while reviewing it. I got in front of the camera and introduced myself, then I asked who they were. They responded with something to the effect of they are from youtube and what they do is play games while reviewing them, and that they were hired by my parents as a birthday present to record at our house. I was thinking “Oooooookaaaaay …” then responded with “Well, I haven’t really watched any of your videos …” but they ignored me and kept playing. Then I somehow teleported to a restaurant where I apparently had a pet rat all of a sudden that sat on my shoulder. It was sort of like an all you can eat buffet kind of restaurant where there were trays of food everywhere and you could scoop all you want onto your plate. As I’m going around getting my food, I’m thinking “I better feed my pet rat.” So I walk around the tables again saying “Pick what you want.” As I passed around the tables, my rat had it’s head sticking out, sniffing around. As I passed the cheese section, I noticed it was staring at it a lot, then I thought to myself “OF COURSE, he’s a rat! He likes cheese!” so I walked over to the cheese table, but a lady was eating her dinner there. So I asked her “Could you hand me some cheese, please?” and she responded with “Sure.” She took a few slices and handed it to me, then I handed it to my rat. Then she kind of stared at me, disgusted about my rat. Then I teleported back to the house for some reason, right behind the couch I was sleeping on. The 3 game reviewers were gone, but someone had spilled some dorito chips on the ground by the downstairs computer. Someone had also spilled a pile of cut paper. My rat jumped off my shoulder and started eating the chips, but also ate the paper thinking it was chips. I was thinking “I better help him not eat paper,” so I sat down right next to it, picking up paper and throwing it in the shredder while it ate. Then I woke up.

14. I had a dream where I was participating in The Biggest Loser, and today’s challenge was to paint a roof. I was teamed with a guy and a …I want to say 3 month old who looked 4 years old. During painting, some of the other teams were getting violent towards each other, throwing paint and paint buckets at each other and screaming profanity. Except for and at my team, because for no reason. The 3 month old was doing the most painting, and I think got to finish half of the Mona Lisa on the roof. Then it was episode over, and we got to go home until the next episode. The kid followed me home, and I picked him up and cradled him in my arms like he was my baby, and he went to sleep instantly. I was walking around my house, which resembled our house in Alabama, to show everyone. I woke up and went back to sleep. It was time for the next episode! We continued painting the roof, they were throwing paint and buckets. That is until some strange monsters came and attacked us. Everyone panicked and ran around, trying to lure them in the tennis court that just appeared from nowhere to trap them in. The creatures escaped, then some secret agent guys with guns came from nowhere and started picking everyone up to arrest us. We ran into one of the houses, in a room, and locked the door. They bust in house. Everyone trapped in the room tried climbing through the ventilation system, but we crashed through the ceiling and was arrested. I woke up, went back to sleep. I was in an office room, with 6 of the other Biggest Loser contestants. The walls were pure concrete, except for one which was made of glass with the door on it. We opened the door and a police guy stopped us. Said something about “Hey, when you see me walk by, I can help you escape. I’ve been trained in 6 different martial arts

15. In this dream, I was on a boat going down a river, when suddenly the boat was attacked by Indians on the ground. We were held captive. The only food I could eat was a ball of pocket lint, a puzzle piece, and a paper clip (which I did eat). So then, all of a sudden, all the Indians started yelling at the top of their lungs, and run over a hill. I decided to follow to see what this was all about. They were all going inside a theater that was hidden behind the hill. All the Indians ran through the maze of red ropes and into the theater. When I got inside, I met this girl. We decided to team up to see something we never mentioned that we knew was evil and had to take down. I knew all my objectives without being told and went to do them. I was staring into a door which I saw all the Indians sitting down watching a movie. I messed with the control panel outside the door and turned the movie off. They kept sitting. I ran upstairs to the 66th floor in which I saw the girl I just met practicing Taekwondo with a class, which I joined for about 30 seconds. Then we ran back downstairs to see the evil boss. We somehow transported to a city. I dropped a penny under a bed mattress that was outside, so I went to try getting it. After getting my penny, I noticed the girl and the boss was gone. I went back to the theater and I found the girl who was dressed like a monster from a yugioh card who’s name I don’t remember. She had been brainwashed by the boss guy. I could tell because her eyes were faded to grey. I cried a little in my dream then sought out for vengeance. I gained rockets in my feet and flew into the city area again where I tackled the boss guy, then dropped my penny under the mattress again. As I tried digging it out, the boss was attacking me, and then I woke up.

16. One of my dreams lasted 2 seconds, a 6 winged angel was rising upwards with a beam of light behind it. It was beautiful.

17. 6/21/10 this dream had me in school. I was in class with my friend, Juliana, and we were doing nothing in the class. I mentioned something about not knowing where the rest of my classes are (math and English and computer) because I hadn’t gone to those classes the whole year, but still somehow had an A in them. After class was over, I went to my supposed Computer class. I played a game in there, then it was over. I just remembered, this had nothing to do with real life school. I made those classes up in a dream I had. After running outside and transforming into Yoshi, I ground pound the ground, to reveal that the whole ground was just flippy blocks, revealing a true ground under. I platformed my way to the cafeteria, this school was based off my school in Alabama. When I went inside, I turned back to my self and waited in a long line for lunch. Woke up. There's another scene in this dream where we sort of played Hangman, but i dont remember where that one goes. This dream actually does tie in with another dream I had, but I completely forgot about the dream and don’t remember anything in it. All I remember from that dream was that it was the first day of school and I couldn’t find my classes.

18. 6/24/10 my dream started i dont know where, and i dont remember the beginning. the only thing i remember is that the government were doing unnamed experiments on people that were evil. What did we (It was me and some random girl my mind created) do to stop them? interview people on what they thought about the experiments of course! We took a camera around and interviewed some old guy. we somehow teleported to school. we were on a bus, totally empty except for the 2 people 2 seats in front of us. We threw a wrench in between them and said "consider that your invitation". then one teleportation and time travel later, i get on my bus to leave school. i look out the window to see if i could find my real life friend before the bus started moving. i thought i found him, he looked like my friend from the back. i was getting ready to shout his name, then he turned around and his chin was humongous and his bottom lip reached to his nose. when the bus started moving, a wasp flew into one of the open windows. it started flying right towards me. i somehow kept my cool without freaking out, i guess because it still a few feet away. it changed paths to fly out a window. the bus started moving a bit more, and the wasp flew the same speed of the bus, if not slightly faster. the wasp flew back in, and went straight for my face. i batted at it, which made it fly around me crazily. i flew my arms in the air and kept them still. i woke up with my arms in the air, staying still, and shivering from the fear.

19. Another dream from my childhood. I was in school, and the teacher was calling out names while everyone was doing arts and crafts. the teacher called out for a "Megan" and the answer to the name was "Mrrph mm-mmrgh mrph". i turned around to see what that was about, and Megan was a very tall skeleton in the middle of the room with long hair, looking like the only thing keeping it standing was a single string on the skull. the teacher said "Do you need to go to the nurse?". i just shrugged and went back to my arts and crafts like it was just normal.

20. 6/23/10 In real life, i was at my friend's house, spending the night there. the only pillow he had for me to use was a very small smiley face, barely bigger than my hand. the only blanket he had was a pink/purple striped blanket. When i got to sleep, i had a dream. in my dream, i woke up. there was an ant crawling across the carpet floor. i took my pillow, smashed it a few times, drove the pillow into the floor, then went back to sleep.

21. 6/25/10 21. this dream started, it was the last day of school. My dad was driving me to school so i could take my final exam that i didn't need to take. Instead of taking the exam, i just hung out in the room. Then school was over and Dad drove me back home. i stayed up all night in my dream, on the laptop playing a certain game that i dont remember but pretty sure doesn't exist. When Dad woke up, he got angry and said "You still have school this week! Why'd you stay up all night?!". i was like "Then why'd you say it was the last day of shool?!" stuff happened i dont remember.
We were at lunch (me and some of my school friends), and Juliana had brought some of her Yu-Gi-Oh cards. she gave me a starter deck, and then we "dueled" i guess. we never really dueled, but she won. then she laid her head on the table and said "Man, i really wish i had some money to get lunch right now ...". then with a heavy sigh, i said "5881 2769". She smiled really big and said "Thank you, you really are nice" then she walked off to the lunch line. Our school lunches have the option of getting an account and typing in a password instead of bring cash or a check everyday. This wasn't my real life password, but the first 4 digits really mean something to me. So after waiting a bit, i get in line, too. Since this is the last day of school, all the lunches are premade. I got a wrap, chocolate milk, chips i think, and 2 giant sugar cookies. There were no other options (but it was ok because i love this food). So once i get to the front of the line, i have to type out my password. The password machine JUST breaks as soon as i get up, and everytime i try typing out my password, it wont read correctly. Then when it finally does work, i think "thank god!", then i smash the lunch tray against my chest, and walk off. when i check what food is there, there's only a wrap. i check the floor and none of the food's there. i walk back to the lunch lady and say "Umm... do you remember how much food was on here?" and she said "Regular." So i said "Well, all i have is this wrap now-" then she cut me off. "Well, I'll just reach randomly over here to get you a new lunch ..." then she grabs this giant subway sandwich, it's, like, bigger my body. i say "You know, i dont think i could finish that." she reaches in there again to pull out a hamburger the size of a basketball. I just take it as to not hold up the rest of the line. i walk back into the lunchroom, and it's comepletly empty. That whole ordeal lasted until lunch ended. There were a few people here or there eating. It was also night time for some reason. I sit in the corner farthest away from the lunch line and start chowing down on my humongous burger. My dad walks through the lunch door to pick me up, but he waits for me to finish my food. i DID finish it, but i guess my mind forgot Dad was there and he disappeared, only to find that now i'm playing a first person shooter game in the cafeteria, in which i get sucked into and playing it for real. Stuff happens that i dont remember, then it's back to the lunch room. Hanging out with some friends. except me and someone i dont know have to make this scene using a model battleship and some action figures. We had to put these blue crystals onto a Wolverine, Magneto, and 2 other heroes i forgot but i know actually exist, and then we had to depict a scene where they're evil by placing them on the ship. i go to the bathroom. when i get there, i forget stuff that happens, but no one apparently uses the bathroom for using the toilet, it was more of a meeting place, where people just go to talk. i dont remember the very end, but i remember waking up because someone in my dream was yelling "*insert real name here*, WAKE UP! IT'S TIME TO GET UP!"

22. 7/1/10 This dream started with me at home, i was on iTunes looking for stuff to buy. After this, i was warped to another planet i guess, i dont remember how i got where i was. anyway, there was lots of water, in which i dived down. I found this secret civilization under the water that i wanted to live in. The inhabitants told me that i couldn't get in unless i had the (i dont remember the name of it, so i'm just guessing) Poyoko Jailbreak for my iPod, which would allow me to have internet on it underwater. i go back to the surface and on iTunes. The jailbreak was $8.88. i got it anyway, and went back in the water. The people let me in. In this civilization, i went back to iTunes and bought Care Bears seasons 1 and 2 for some reason. This caused me to go below $0 in my bank account (which i'm normally good at keeping track of), and i had to pay someone off for going $10,000 into debt. I could have swore i had $18 in my account, and had just enough money to get all those things. So i get to work doing .... nothing. I just sit around, and the debt was getting paid off, being kept track of by a counter over my head. Then these 2 girls start chasing me, something about because they loved the Care Bears. I dont remember how long they chased me, but i remember hearing one of them stop to say "But he only has 2 seasons of Care Bears, i thought there were 4? And aren't there a ton of plot holes in it anyway?" I dont remember anything that happened afterward. i dont know if this next dream was part of this one or if i woke up and started a new one. i'll count them separately though.

23. 7/1/10 the dream started with me at school, i was typing a report on a topic i dont remember, but i remember googling it, and having to work with a partner about half way through. My partner didn't do anything except goof off with oth classmates. He threatened to hurt me if i didn't cite my work. Then all of a sudden this dragon with 1 wing and 3 heads came into the room. no arms, no legs, more like a snake body. The teacher said not to disturb it and it wont disturb you, as if it were a bee. It was using it's one wing and a head to fly. It turned out to be the school mascot, and my partner was the bottom half of the snake dragon thing. suddenly i was launched into space, where a bunch of Tiny Terrors from zOMG chased me down. the planet had an egg shaped, with this sort of metallic ring around it, but the ring had to be supported by columns connecting to the half metal half natural planet. when i got on the planet, there was a door on the ground. i went through and my parents were there. i started to play Sonic the Hedgehog on the ps3, but the stage i was playing resembled the planet i was on. my dad was watching me play. i press the square button and Sonic does this boost. My dad jumps up, surprised. "I didn't know you could that!" stuff happens that i dont remember, then i wake up.

pictured, a tiny terror.

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XD nice but my dreams can be a bit crazier ^-^'
i guess i'll share my latest dream

well first off, it was primary connected to 07 ghost and the summer camp thing i'm going to~
well i was like trying to infiltrate something i dont really remember what though and it had to do with the 7 ghosts and i know that i was excited that i might get to meat Ea and Randkalt... and well it was in the church... then like a person was calling roll but i was 2 people... then after roll call we went to the dorms and i was with my friend from last year at Duke TIP... and then i shared my mission and told her that i was being watched (i really was at the moment) by like these weird monkey things... then i showed her like my notebook with a bunch of notes and stuff about my infiltration mission.... and then something and i was going to like compare two things- the bad monkeys and like their opposite. so when comparing, the opposite of the monkeys turned out to be appa the sky bison from TLA.... and then things pretty much went normalish as i went to look for Frau, keeping a lookout for the bad monkeys :3

not the craziest of dreams, but it was a bit odd (i think it was cool!) i see how all those bits connect to my real life...


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I've had team fortress 2 dreams lately =w=

Backstabbing folks.......yum.


XD nice clover just nice XD (but no backstabbing me D:)


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transforming into Yoshi lol...
that's kinda cool! :3
looks like u have quite an imagination when you're dreaming Smile


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Yeah.... Your perfect memory of that password in dream 21 seems quite fishy.

It's really annoying being the only real gamer in my entire grade.

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@Pokéfreak wrote:Yeah.... Your perfect memory of that password in dream 21 seems quite fishy.

what do you mean? are you saying i cant remember numbers?

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