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A Brief Encounter With.. Special // Physical Attacks !

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Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
A Brief Encounter With.. Special // Physical Attacks !
Starring Jojo !

Hi guys. Today I will teach you the basics of physical and special attacks. I suppose I will dive straight in!
*Omn, omn, omn*

Physical Attacks
Physical attacks are what it basically says. They are physical moves - and as such - are based upon the Attack stat. If you have a high attack stat, the chances are the move you are using will be powerful, even if it is a relatively weak move. ( Such as Pursuit or Bullet Punch ) Many Pokémon make the most of their Attack stat and use it to dominate foes with Special Defences.

The sprite image for a move to be a physical move is this:
So if you see this beside the information for a move - it is Physical.

To counter a Pokémon with high Attack // Physical Moves is to have a High Defence. If you have a high defence stat, it will be able to withstand physical attacks much easier, and fight back with your own. However, usually many Special Attackers have low Defence stats - such as Alakazam - enabling you to take them out with a Pursuit or another strong move. However - many strong attackers have low defence stats, so fighting fire-with-fire may be a good option as well.

Example: Scizor with Technician and Bullet Punch or Pursuit can be devastating to most Special Attackers, or many Attackers as well.

Special Attacks
Special attacks are like the opposite of Physical attacks. They are usually used by Pokémon of the Psychic type, and can cripple many Physical attackers. Special Attacks are based on the Special Attack stat, and moves such as Psychic can benifit highly from this. Special Attackers can generally do well against Physical Attackers and some Physical Walls.

The sprite image for a Special Attack is:
If you see this symbol beside a move description then it is a Special move.

To counter a Pokémon with a relatively high Special Attack is to have a Pokémon with a high Special Defence, so having an Alakazam verse another Alakazam will most likely counter each other. Special attackers are usually used against Physical Walls or Physical Attackers, as they usually have low Special Defence stats. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to use a Special Attacker against another as it can just waste time as they wall each other quite well.

Example: Alakazam with Calm Mind and Psychic will power up both it's Special Attack and Special Defence stats, making Psychic more powerful and letting it withstand more hits.

If you have any questions or suggestions then post here! :3

boy from asension

Cool intro. I remeber when you just had to guess if it was a speical or a physical move.


Pokémon Legend
Pokémon Legend
Yeah, I think it was introduced in R/S/E? I can't remember..

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