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Sound on my tv stopped?

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1--- Sound on my tv stopped? on Mon May 31, 2010 11:38 am


Okay well I bought ( or my mum bought x-x ) A tv a few months ago and now the sound dont work D: It was one of those small HD ones that you mount on the wall.
Its so horrible because its like it lost a sense D:
Anyway I don't know if its under warrenty but i thought i would complain about it here
EVERYONE needs a TV, anyone who doesnt have one has lost their mind. I was in the middle of watching pokemon. x-x

But if you guys know anything I can try let me know otherwise ill just go complain to my mum lol

2--- Re: Sound on my tv stopped? on Mon May 31, 2010 12:34 pm


Well first off make sure all the cables are properly hooked up (something may have come loose)

Just check each one to make sure they are secure/tight

It probably isn't the case, but make sure the volume is up and that it isn't muted =w=

After all that, you could double check the settings in the TV and see if anything there looks weird there.

If the sound still doesn't come on, you could see if there are any FAQs online with people who have had a similar problem with your model of TV.

Other than that, I'd call the place you got it from. They should give you a full return if the sound suddenly stopped working on a new TV. Hopefully you guys saved the receipt. If not, they might give store credit.

Good luck!

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