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Unofficial Guide to Dream league

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1--- Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Mon May 31, 2010 2:23 am


Dream league
The unofficial Guide

This is a guide to many aspects of the site including gyms, elites, stores, members of the month, the store and much much more. This was placed on the site to help the others members who need it. So read on and Have fun.

[b]Part one: The gyms

[center]The Kamikenryu Dojo
The kamikenryu gym is run by kensai and allows any pokemon but ubers. The Rokuken badge is awarded for defeating this gym. This gym uses fighting type pokemon in battle, so powerful physic pokemon are your answer. Pokemon like alakazam may seem like a good choice, due to their high special attack and speed but it has a huge lack in defense, a bad choice since many fighting types are hard on attack. A pokemon like metagross could be your better option, able to fight using a physical physic move like zen headbutt along with high defense. Be sure to not have to many pokemon of the same time before facing this gym.

Sinister gym
This gym is currently under construction. Guide will be added after gym is complete.

Dark Crisis gym

The dark crisis gym is run by DX and features many types such as Dragon,steel,Ghost,Dark, Water,Ground and rock. Due to the diversity of the types this gym has, winning will require the upmost strategy. Use a team like you would use in any other wifi battle, strong powerful pokemon. A pokemon like Azelf would be good to use in this gym due to its wide move pool. Able to learn ice, fire, water and fighting taking down most of the types this gym has to offer. Search for other fast, but strong pokemon with a wide move pool. When you defeat this game you will get a badge and a pokemon breeded from the gym leaders team.

Those are currently all of the gyms that the site has. When a new one opens this guide wil be updated. If I have made a mistake about information concerning your gym please let me know and I will be happy to fix the error.
Part 2: Events. Raffels and the store!

There are sometimes event thats happan on the site. Sometimes there official Nintendo and sometimes there site. But which ever type event it is, you must be an active member to obtain.

Current events:


This is the gamestop Jirachi that was being given away months before, which unlocks the special pokewalker path for your heart gold and soul silver games. It knows wish, Draco meteor, rest and confusion. It is holding a liechi Barry and had a bold nature ( + Def/ - attack)
Locodude is the one to see for this pokemon. He is no longer responding to the event forum topic, so find him on chat to obtain.

Pikachu colored Pichu

This is the special pikachu colored pichu that will unlock the notched eared Pichu in your heart gold and soul silver games. It is holding an ever stone and has a jolly nature. If you would like one, please get in contact with Fuzia.


Raffels happan everyone once and awhile and cost forum points to enter. The object of them our easy, your name ( or user name) is picked randomly from others who enter for a prize that you will get if your the winner.

The store
The store is a new addition to the site, created by me with the help of the site owner clover. The object of the store was to give the members of the dream league more buying options with their forum points. The store is updated weekly and will have new pokemon every week. Be sure to check it out. See the next part of this guide for how to earn forum points.

These are the current pokemon in the store


Articuno 90 Forum points
Nature: Calm
- Blizzard
- Toxic
- Roost
- Hail

Breloom 90 Forum points
Nature: Adament
- Sword dance
- Stone edge
- mach punch
- Drain Punch

Electivire 90 Forum points
Nature: Adament
- thunder punch
- Ice punch
- cross chop
- fire punch

UU pokemon

Vileplume 70 Forum points
Nature: Modest
- Leech seed
- Giga drain
- sleep pwder
- hidden power (water)

Leafeon 70 Forum points
Nature: Impish
-sword dance
-Baton pass
-Leaf blade

Feraligatr 70 Forum points

-Dragon dance
-water fall
-Ice punch

Choiceband / 20 Forum points
Choice scarf / 20 Forum points
Choice specs / 20 Forum points
Life orb / 20 Forum points
Heart scale / 20 Forum points
Left overs / 20 Forum Points
Exp share / 15 Forum points
Thunder stone / 10 Forum points
Water stone / 10 Forum points
Leaf stone / 10 Forum points
Moon stone / 10 Forum points
Dusk stone / 10 Forum points
Dawn stone / 10 Forum points
Any TM / 15 Forum points

Part 3: How to earn forum points/ Make the site a better place

How to make the site better:
1: Advertising

Advertising is one of the biggest ones. and can also be the hardest. there are diffrent methods of advertising though. The first being youtube. You can create an account-or if you already have one, post advertising videos for the site. You can go to yahoo answers and post questions asking what people think of the site, or you can go to random pokemon chats and advertise in PC. If your afraid of anoying other people, you dont have to do so. A site like this has to do what it can to survive. Tell your friends that like pokemon, your family anyone! the more people you get to come to the dream league the more the site will grow.
^ There is also a recruitment event going on at the momment, join!

2: Helping other members

Clover isnt able to do it all, she doesnt know it all ether ( No offense to you clover Smile ). This is where you come in. if a member has a question, concern or problem and she cant help, you need to be the one who can stap in and help that person. Nobodies perfect and we don't expect you to be. but it's always nice to help someone in need. They will really appreciate it in the long run. Sometimes forum points are awarded for doing this as well. You will also have a good chance of winning member of the month if your one who keeps on helping other people on the forums or on the chat.

3: Posting guides.

I've been doing this for awhile now ( on other sites). you can post a guide on how to do somethng under what ever your guide has to do with on the forums. Posting a guide is a great way to help other members understand what they need help with when they need it. Clover will award forum points when you post a guide, so you will know that you helped someone and forum points. You can write a guide by taking time out of your day to do so, by doing a little bit at a time until it builds up. so do your best.

4: Be active

I cannot stress this enough. what would be the point in giving someone who only comes in once a week mod status? or points? There wouldnt be any. You have to be active on forums AND chat. you have to be the person to look after stuff when Clover is not on the site. Many of the mods here to a great job of looking after everything, so do the right thing and follow in their foot steps. If your not active, you will loose track of what's going on the site and appear more of a noob each time you come back. If your busy, try to at least check the forums out every once and awhile. We can understand if you have things to do.

5: Try not to get into trouble

Everyone has accidents and gets in trouble. But it really shouldnt be an ungoing thing. If your always getting into trouble, your not helping the site at all but making yourself look like a fool. Try to behave. Help other people with there questions and treat everyone here like you would like to be treated. This part of the guide should be somthing everyone is already old enough to understand Smile

Part 4 contest/ tounraments.

Alot of times, the site has contest. Contest are apart of making a site more fun for everyone. Many of these contest don't have to do with pokemon at all Smile
Pokemon tounraments:

Most of these are standard 6 on 6 single battles. You will be required to obey what ever teir or clauses is being enforced and try your best. Contest such as these require much strategy and can get extremly competitive. There are NO hacked pokemon allowed, you will loose if you are caught with such a pokemon.

The following clauses are in effect in tournaments:
1-hit KO ( no move slike sheer cold and horn drill!)
and ubers.

The following pokemon are uber and cannot be used in tournaments:





If your not sure if your team can be allowed, please contact a site Admin for help

Super smash bros brawl tournaments:

Gameplay rules:
-If a game ends with Bowser or Ganondorf using a Sacrificial KO (with Flying Slam or Flame Choke respectively) and the game is tied, then the Sudden Death match must end without said moves being used for the final kill.
- No stalling (running away to avoid fighting)
- No infinite/excessive chain grabbing
- Meta Knight's Infinite Dimensional Cape is banned.

General rules:

- 3 live stock
- No items
- Best 2/3 matches

Writing contest:

-MUST be original
-Stay within the word limit set by the contest host
-Be sure to use proper grammer and spelling before submitting. Check your work ahead of time.
-Be fair, and if you loose accept it and move on.

Prizes will vary, forum points are likely to be rewarded for winning, alot with a forum ribbon. See griffin or darknesswolf for details, they are in charge of such events.

Art contest:

Every once and awhile Art contest wil be held on the site. Try your best and be original. Make sure to follow the guidlines and check over your work before submitting. Prizes will Vary.

Dream league Idol:
There is currently a singing competition happaning inside the dream league. There are sure to be more of these int he future, so be sure to follow the rules and guidlines that are set.

- You can sing any song you'd like
- No voice editing software that makes changes on the natural sound of your voice
- You can have background music or not. Up to you!
- You don't have to sing the WHOLE song, but you need to at least sing a verse so we can get a 'flavor' of your singing style.
- There are karaoke and acoustic versions of most songs on youtube, so go search!

Post a link to your song, then the top one will be voted on. Prizes will Vary so check back for update. Smile
Member of the month

Member of the month is a special tittle given to those who earn it. To special members who spend there time to the site to help others and make dream league a better place. Right now, you may vote for the member of the month for june. All you do is post who you think it should be, and then they will have a chance of getting the tittle.


- you will be awarded 25 forum pounts
- The color of your name will be changed to gold
- You will be given a forum ribbon
The net zine

The netzine is a magazine published monthly here at the dream league. It features many aspects of the site including writtin work done by Memembrs.
About two weeks before the magazine is published, a suggestion thread opens on the forums allowing someone to post there ideas for the Admins to review.

This is a list of stuff they want for the Zine
- Guides (html, graphic making, game guides, etc)
- Game reviews (Pokémon or other)
- Art & comics
- Interviews
- Site reviews or site suggestions
- Quizes
- Xat chat screens

They also do member interviews. The magazine has news and updates about the site as well informing members about the current events.
How to add a signature

Adding a signature is fairly easy. Click on "Profile" near the top of the page and click on where it says " signature". Upload your desired image to photobucket and copy the link. Next, press the " Image" button twice. You should have a URL between two [image] things. Just make sure its not over sized Smile
How to add a new profile avatar

Go to the main page and click on " Profile" and go to your profile, its near the top of the page. Next click on avatar and wait. You will be given the option of uloading a picture from your computer, or submitting a URL. do what ever will fit your needs.
How can I change my forum name?

If you are not happy with your current forum name, you may save up 100 forum points and buy a new one. Just contact Clover to have it done.

Be yourself at the dream league. There is no reason for why you cant, its a fun place with alot of good people. Again be sure to be active!
If you ever need any help im also avliable, just private message me or find me on the chat. I won't know the answer to everything but I can try to help you if you want to Smile Ill have fun lol

I will add more to this guide later as it comes. YES I AM AWARE ALOT OF THIS INFORMATION IS ALREADY ON THE SITE. Don't bug me about it please. I did work hours on this guide =/
But it will be ALOT longer when more gyms are added.
If I did anything wrong PLEASE DONT BE RUDE, tell me nicely and i'll update the guide and fix it. I know alot of you will chew me up for any little thing. I just piled everything together into one nice place Smile

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2--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Mon May 31, 2010 3:49 am


Pokémon Collector
Pokémon Collector
Oh wow.

pokémon crew
dream league

3--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Mon May 31, 2010 4:05 am


holy moly its longgg but good job! ^.^


Feel free to add me as a friend~ I don't bite Smile

4--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Mon May 31, 2010 6:56 am


Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
Yeah its so looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg...and the only thing that drives a guy/girl to write this long if he/she is bored lol


5--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Mon May 31, 2010 12:28 pm


awesome guide ^o^ A few suggestions (I think you said Kommeo already gave you a few, but might as well post anyway)

- DX is an elite now not a gym leader

- In the advertising part you could include a link to the recruitment event ~ Since people will have a chance to win real prizes ^_^

- maybe for the helping other members part you could mention some of the ribbons you can earn by posting your expertese.

it's really cool though. I like the pics you used!

6--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Mon May 31, 2010 1:20 pm


It's fine clover I added the link to the recruitment event.
People should really update there gyms so stuff like that dont happan

7--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:55 am


Cool Trainer
Cool Trainer
If this isn't true dedication, I'm not sure I know what it is. Great job dude, this truly helped me out, and I'm sure that it will help out newcomers as well.

8--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:27 pm


Pokémon Champion
Pokémon Champion
Good job keep working on it ;3


^Thanks Clover^

volcano pokémon

puppy pokémon


9--- Re: Unofficial Guide to Dream league on Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:06 am

[DX] Dracario

Yeah I am an Elite now but my Elite thread will have the Similar concept using the same types but adding two more types to the mix. Info on that to be released Saturday.

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