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Event Pokemon and Event Items

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1--- Event Pokemon and Event Items on Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:29 am


Frontier Brain
Frontier Brain
Hey guys I u have and rare, wonderful and/or whacky event pokemon that you want to talk about in this forum u can do so here Smile
If u r wondering how event pokemon unlock stuff... it says in the description "Fateful Encounter" that is the key to event pokemon .. if u use Pokesav there is a tickbox, top right-hand corner, when u r editing a pkm file that turns fateful encounter on and off.
So check out ur event pokemon urself and compare with one u caught u would notice "fateful encounter" on the event one but not the normal one...
Also say which ones u have missed out on (or haven't been distributed) and add to the "yet to come" list

My event pokemon:
Member's Card Darkrai - my 1st event pokemon - OT: insert your in-game name here
lvl 50 - newmoon island

Oak's Letter Shaymin - OT: insert your in-game name here
lvl 30 - flower paradise

Arceus - OT: Michina (one of the villages in the arceus movie)
lvl 100 - knows judgement, spacial rend, roar of time and shadow force

Pikachu-coloured Pichu - via Wi-Fi (first pokemon to be distributed over wi-fi outside of japan!)
lvl 30 - knows special moves - OT: SPR2010

Jirachi - OT: GAMESTP
lvl 5 - knows Draco Meteor (got from Locodude0001)

Event Items:
Member's Card

Oak's Letter

Ones I haven't got:
TRU (toys r us) Regigigas - lvl 100
unlocks other 3 regi's - holds custap berry

TRU Shaymin - i forgot the lvl
holds Micle berry

ALAMOS Darkrai - lvl 100 (came out for Diamond and Pearl and i din't have the games at that time)
knows spacial rend and roar of time - holds enigma berry

JBHF (JB-HiFi) Manaphy (had different OT in America) - i forgot the lvl
holds red scarf

Secret Key (for Rotom)

Yet to come:
Azure Flute for Arcues

Enigma Stone - Latios/Latias

Movie Celebi

Movie Entei (shiny)

Movie Raikou (shiny)

Movie Suicune (shiny)

Lvl 5 - Mew (happened in Japan only Sad)

so post ur thoughts and add to this list


(ps. Australia doesn't get random events Sad eg. birthday pokemon in japan or release of game pokemon in japan, america and europe. We only get the so called "main events" but we don't get half of them Sad)


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2--- Re: Event Pokemon and Event Items on Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:51 am


I only have the jirachi from gamestop and pikachu colored pichu

3--- Re: Event Pokemon and Event Items on Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:12 pm


i really like my pikachu colore pichu:D. i was only cheking mistery gift when i obtained, by accident:D

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